Why Skyscanner?

If you've found our website, you are probably looking for flight deals…and not just price comparisons. If you have specific dates (or within a couple of days), we still recommend Skyscanner although you can also use sites such as to find comparable deals – but only for those dates

Skyscanner is the best tool we've found to compare flights across dates up to a year into the future from dozens of websites & airlines to find great deals. And EuropeTripDeals has made it even easier by building links to over 70 Europe destinations from your nearest major departure point.

ETD Note: We currently do not receive commission from Skyscanner for this referral. 

Before we start

Experienced travelers know that a quoted airfare price can change in the time it takes to reload a webpage. And the change is usually NOT in your favor unfortunately. 

And even more annoying…the prices you see when you land on a page (i.e. Philadelphia to Paris from $359) are usually not the fares you see when you run a search. Why is this? The quick answer is that 1) fares are going up and down every minute based on ticket sales; and 2) computer servers don't currently have the processing speed to run searches every second for fares for thousands of routes on various airlines over hundreds of days.

So….most airfare comparison websites (including Skyscanner) will usually have a disclaimer that shows you a price and says something like “sample fare found in the past ## days”. The good news is that price probably did exist and someone did buy their ticket at that price recently. While that doesn't help you – it does give you information about what a good price looks like for that route. And Skyscanner takes it one step further: you can look at a month and see for each day the best rates they have compiled…so even if that “best price” isn't currently available it will get you closer to find a good deal.

How to use Skyscanner

To start, let's choose a common EuropeTripDeals Flight Deals page (Flight Deals from New York City) and use a pretty common route: New York City to London, England. The example we are using is from June 2020. 

Europe Flight Deals How to Find

As you can see…you can search for specific dates at the top. If you have dates, go ahead and fill them in and run your search.

But to find the best prices – look for the three sections entitled “This month”, “Next month” and “This year”. This section is circled to the left. 

Please note “This year” typically refers to the next 12 months, not just the calendar year (i.e. 2020). 


This year 1325 x750

After selecting “This year” – we can now see the best prices Skyscanner has found for this route over the next 12 months. Let's try the first flight for $287…

BUT before we click it – note the rate says from $287. Remember these rates are changing all the time… $287 is the best Skyscanner recently found – not what we will necessarily see.

Clicking “Book” will eventually allow you to book a ticket for the flight. But for price/deals purposes – it is better to think of clicking “Book” as running an updated search to check the price.


Europe Discount AIrfare

After running the search – the Cheapest fare found was $288 – just about what Skyscanner had found previously. That's a great rate! To book click select and follow the next pages and you have your ticket!

ETD Pro Tip: Remember deals are about value – not just the price. Keep the flight length, # of stops and airlines in mind when booking. That's another reason we like Skyscanner's informative tabs for Best, Cheapest and Fastest Flights.

What if the "Cheapest Fare" is no longer available?
Fare Not Available 1365x750

If the fare listed is drastically different than the deal you were hoping to get, don't give up yet!

In the top left corner of the page – click on the “Show whole month” link (encircled).


This will bring up a page allowing you to browse fares found throughout the month to build your itinerary. Once you've selected the first flight of your itinerary, fares will then become visible for the next portion. 

Feel free to also check out the original landing page for the best prices by month…that should help expedite your search.

Cheap = turquoise

Moderate = yellow

Expensive = pink

Good luck!

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